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Positive residential development performance until COVID-19

The projects in the delivery or construction phase total 2,149 homes. The pre-sales portfolio is 1,640 homes

Start of a relevant number of home units delivered (1Q 2020 best quarter in deeds of the last years).
Sales coverage of 80% in developments with construction; progress > 75% (974 home units).
COVID-19: Relevant impact on the economy and on real estate. Work in Progress for impact appraisal and measures to take.
Quabit's good positioning against potential changes on the demand.
Competitive advantage thanks to internalization of construction activity.

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The urban planning company of Alboraya will deliver quabit 52,000 square metres of buildable land in Port Saplaya, next to Valencia

Quabit and Egusa (Alboraya Town Council, Valencia) conclude a preliminary agreement to settle the debt of over 26 million

Quabit Inmobiliaria plans to start the building of nearly 500 home units on the seafront within a maximum of three years.

Sector “UE-2 Port Saplaya”, a zone classed as developable, is one of the few located on the seafront which can currently be developed and is strategically placed, given its medium-term development capacity and high potential increase in value.

The new zoning plan of the Sector in which Quabit is already working, includes high-quality residential developments of both primary and secondary residences.

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2018-2022 Business Plan update

Quabit maintains its goal of reaching its cruise speed in year 2022 with the delivery of 2,700 home units on an annual basis, and exceeding Euro 600 million of annual turnover and Euro 70 million of annual EBITDA

The Company’s plans include reaching recurring positive operational results from the last quarter of this year. The 2020 financial year should be the first one with operational profits.

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Funds earmarked for financing new projects

Quabit places a 4-year bond in the sum of 20 million euros

This successful placement is a sound endorsement of the company’s strategy and confirms the investor interest and market trust in Quabit and its management capabilities.

This issuance, with a 4-year maturity, bears an 8.25% coupon payable annually. This has enabled the property group to significantly enhance the financial conditions and cost of its debt, which will in turn translate into increased company profits and value generation for its shareholders.

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Quabit closes 2018 with a net profit of 6.8 million

Turnover grew by 596% to 39.7 million euros due to the significant increase in home delivery (190 compared to 6 in the previous period).

Quabit's residential portfolio consisted of 55 developments with 4,031 dwellings in different phases of construction, with an expected turnover of 839 million.

Since its growth plan began in 2017, the company has invested 186 million in residential land to build almost 4,800 units. 

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QUABIT to acquire a 6,500 square metre development-ready plot for a new development housing 53 dwellings

The company is to open a new Branch Office in Valencia to head up its growth and expansion in Levante.

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The Mayor of Mijas, Juan Carlos Maldonado and the Chairman of the developer, Félix Abánades, place the first stone of the development “El Lagar de Quabit”

Quabit to commence the construction of 79 dwellings in Mijas–Malaga

This residential development forms part of “Quabit vivienda joven”, an original campaign with discounts on the final price to allow future buyers to find a home and become independent.

Nearly 20% of Quabit’s land portfolio is located precisely in Malaga and on Costa del Sol where it is currently developing almost 1,300 units in 18 residential developments. 

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On the northern coast of Minorca

Quabit launches the marketing phase of Nature Son Parc

In total, 75 independent chalets intended both for national and foreign clients and, among the latter, chiefly English and French.

Its owners, the only members of the “The 40-4 Club”, will have exclusive access to the “Relax Circle”, “Water Place”, “Gastrobar”, “Sports House” and many other amenities and additional facilities such as the jacuzzi areas, chill-out area or the gardens with elderberries, lavender, rosemary, thyme and broom.

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Quabit closes the year's third quarter with net profit of 1.1 million euros

At 30 September, its residential portfolio totals 3,724 dwellings with an estimated turnover of 774 million euros. Since its growth plan started on 2017, Quabit has invested almost 200 million in residential land for the construction of 4,821 dwellings, which, together with land in portfolio, signifies sufficient land to reach over 75% of the targets of its Business Plan.

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The company acquired a development-ready, residential land portfolio in Son Parc, on the northern coast of Menorca, with a development potential of 69,350 square metres for the construction of 277 new units and 264 hotel places

Quabit Inmobiliaria, main sponsor of Club Esportiu Mercadal

Javier M. Prieto, General Manager of Quabit, and the president of CE MERCADAL, Francisco Salord, signed the sponsorship of the club for the 2018/19 season in the presence of the Mayor, Francisco Ametller.

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