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9M 2019 Results

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885 new home units under WIP during 9M 2019.

940 €M est. turnover in home units under development (30.09.19).

9M 2019 Pre-sales: 117 €M. Pre-sales Book at 30.09.19: 318 €M.

Optimal 2019 (99%), 2020 (51%) & 2021 (17%) sales coverage.

FCC 2019e > 750 home unit (>600 pre-sales at 31.10.19).

9M 2019 deliveries: 62 home units

9M 2019 Selective investments in “Ready to build” land plots (Cost of Land<13% GDV). Investment in Planning Land Plot to boost our strategy of developing > 25% of our land needs from 2022 onwards.



Acquisition of Rayet Construcción

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In order to solve the issues with the execution of construction works, in terms of cost and compliance with schedules, Quabit has decided to integrate the constructive process and with this aim has agreed the acquisition of Rayet Construcción for a price of Euro 13.1 Million. The purchase price has been agreed to be delivered in two tranches: 30% in cash at the closing of the transaction; 70% in share

Quabit integrates the construction activity with the acquisition of Rayet Construcción in order to ensure compliance with the construction schedules for its developments, limit the impact of construction costs and advance in the industrialization of the constructive process.



Q1 2019 Results & 2018-2022 Business Plan Update Webcast Presentation May 16TH

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Quabit Inmobiliaria, via its wholly-owned subsidiary Quabit Finance, has placed a bond issue in the sum of 20 million euros

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This issuance, with a 4-year maturity, bears an 8.25% coupon payable annually. These will be the funds used for new investments, the financing of new projects and moving forward with the company’s growth and expansion plan which it is currently pursuing. This operation forms part of Quabit’s strategy to lend the company greater financial flexibility while at the same time advancing in its strategy of diversifying funding sources.



2018 Results Presentation

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Setting the grounds for Growth
Financial Strength: Equity +31%, LTV -16pp.
€63 M Succesfull monetary Capital Increase (overdemand of 1,8x).
€6 M Succesfull non monetary Capital Increase
Development for residential rental business Project.

Business Plan on track
190 home units delivered in 2018 (215 at 17.02.19, 100% 2018 target).
Strong investments(1) in land bank (>€180 M since 2017, repercussion <20%).
~4,000 home units under development (50% Plan 2018-22).
New developments launched (1,467 home units in 2018, 18% Plan 2018-22).
Commercial strength (793 pre-sales in 2018, +148% vs. 2017).

Management Commitment
Management Incentive Plan approved (conditioned to EBITDA & 100% Total Shareholder Return).




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Quabit will release its full year 2018 results, on Thursday, February 28th 2019, before the opening of the Spanish stock exchange. The documents will be posted on and sent to you via e-mail.

The same day, at 11:00h (CET) there will be a webcast presentation hosted by the Chairman & Chief Executive Officer (Mr. Félix Abánades) and the Chief Financial Officer (Mr. Rubén Bernat).

The webcast presentation can be followed on-line on the website

Also, you will be able to follow the presentation through these phone numbers: Spain: +34-917-911283 / UK: +44-20-3478-5289 / Access code: 163 829 488




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Quabit communicates that the company results corresponding to the period of nine months ending on 30 September 2018 have been published.



3Q 2018 Results Presentation: Webcast and Conference Call information

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Quabit will release financial results for the third quarter 2018 on Thursday, November 15th 2018, before 09.00 a.m. (Madrid time).

Information relatig to the Webcast and Conference Call:

November 15th 2018,11.00 a.m. (Madrid time)

- Webcast URL:

- Conferencia telefónica:

  • Spain: +34-917-911283
  • UK: +44-20-3478-5289
  • Access Code: 849 941 788

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The company informs about its situation in the current market context

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In relation with the generalized downward pressure in the markets which is affecting the Spanish Stock Exchange and, as an extension thereof, the share Price of the Real Estate companies in general, and of Quabit in particular, as well as with the information requests received from numerous investors, the Company considers relevant to state some points.



Results Presentation FIRST SEMESTER

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Non-monetary capital increase: Registration with the Commercial Registry of Madrid

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