Historical of Issues

Official registration date Prospectus name
November/26/2020 Registration Document

Note About Shares


December/14/2017 Note About Shares
January/31/2017 Note about shares
38-million euros capital increase with preferential subscription rights in the nominal amount of 10.280.235 euros through issuance of 20.560.470 ordinary shares.
January/17/2017 Continued Prospectus
Registration Document.
November/13/2015 Presentation for Investors
Management Presentation
November/11/2015 Note about shares and summary
Capital increase with preferential subscription rights in the nominal amount of 10,000,000 euros through issuance of 1,000,000,000 ordinary shares.
October/01/2015 Continued Prospectus
Share Capital Increase Prospectus. Registration Document.
May/2014 Informational Prospectus. Capital Increase
January/13/2009 Increase
Ordinary Shares. Note about shares related to the capital increase, with preferential subscription rights, through monetary compensation and credit offsetting.
December/18/2008 Continued Prospectus
Share Registration Document Prospectus.
March/2008 Equivalent document to Prospectus
May/12/2006 Public offering
Ordinary Shares. Offering of shares and admission to trading.

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