Board of Directors

Board members:

Félix Abánades López.
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

Chairman of Quabit Inmobiliaria and Grupo Rayet. Since the acquisition of Rayet Construcción in 1992, Félix Abánades López has spent his career as the leader of Grupo Rayet and has gained unique experience in the Spanish real estate industry. López oversaw the largest merger in the Spanish real estate industry in 2008 with the creation of Afirma (now Quabit) by bringing together Rayet Promoción, Landscape, Astroc and 16 other companies. Quabit forms part of the G-14, which groups together the biggest Spanish real estate companies.

Jorge Calvet Spinatsch. Vice Chairman and Independent Board Member.
Jorge Calvet Espinach primarily spent most of his career in corporate banking and has been the Chairman of different entities such as UBS Spain, Fortis Spain and Portugal and Gamesa Corporación Tecnológica.

Claudia Pickholz. Independent Board Member.
Claudia Pickholz has experience in many different multinational companies including Elsevier Spain, Eastman Kodak, McCann Erickson, Coca-Cola and Johnson´s Wax where she occupied international management positions.

Miguel Ángel Melero Bowen. Non-Member Secretary.
Miguel Ángel Melero Bowen has been a partner at the Cuatrecases Gonçalves Pereira law firm since 2003. He is specialized in advising Spanish and multinational companies on Business and Commercial Law and has given advice to Quabit since 2007.

Nuria Díaz Sanz. Non-Member Vice Secretary.
Nuria Díaz Sanz has worked as a Legal Advisor and Urban Planning Director in the real estate industry and currently serves as the Legal Advisor for Quabit.

Alberto Pérez Lejonagoitia. Board Member.
Alberto Pérez Lejonagoitia joined Grupo Rayet in 2000 and has occupied many roles including General Corporate Manager and General Manager of Strategy and Control. Currently he serves as Chief Executive Officer or Grupo Rayet.

Equity Stakes

Name Appointment Reelection Position Representation Participation Indirect participation
Félix Abánades 07/02/2008 26/06/2014 Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Grupo Rayet, S.A 723.928 14.899.621
Jorge Calvet 07/02/2008 26/06/2014 Vice Chairman and Independent Board Member   210  
Alberto Pérez 07/02/2008 26/06/2014 Board Member Grupo Rayet, S.A 34.205  
Claudia Pickholz 07/02/2008 26/06/2014 Independent Board Member   349

Equity Stakes