The company headed by Félix Abánades to close 2017 with a profit of 14.4 million following debt remissions and recognition of tax credits

Quabit's residential portfolio is up to 2,551 dwellings with an expected turnover of 536 million

  • The company now has over one million development-ready square metres under management for approximately 7,500 dwellings.
  • Quabit enjoys two major value levers that, between them, offer the potential to generate profits both in 2018 and the coming years: debt remissions pending (44.1 million euros) and tax credits pending recognition (137 million euros).
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Capital increase with the exclusion of the preferential subscription right

Quabit raises 29 million euros

The operation has been signed by Cobas Asset Management y Kairos Investment (77%).

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Miguel Ángel Melero Bowen, former partner of Cuatrecasas law firm, new General Legal Secretary

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The General Shareholders' Meeting approves a liberalized capital increase

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Proposals General Shareholders' Meeting: dividend distribution and incentive plan

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Quabit closes 1Q 2017 with profits by 1.7 million Euros

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For the building of almost 300 houses

Quabit starts its investments plan and acquires two new lands in Guadalajara

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Quabit closes 2015 with profits by 8 million Euros

Quabit closes 2016 with a consolidated financial structure, and a healthy equity position.

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The Company closes its 38-million Euros capital increase with oversubscription.

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Quabit presents its Business Plan 2017 - 2021

QUABIT is a Spanish real estate group with over 20 years’ experience and has been listed on the Stock Exchange since 2006. The company’s core business is creating value through the full management of the entire real estate cycle through two main business channels: land management and real estate development.

The company’s scope is national,  aiming to once again become one of the real estate market leaders in Spain and reposition itself as a clear benchmark of the sector’s consolidation.

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