Compliance and Ethics

Compliance and Ethics

Statement of the Boards of Directors

Quabit Inmobiliaria, S.A. with more than 20 years of experience in the real estate sector, is one of the few real estate companies that has resisted the years of economic crisis, being a reference in the Spanish real estate sector. The ethical culture, commitment to comply with the law and the transparency have always been present in our values and management style.

As a sign of the commitment of Quabit Inmobiliaria S.A. and its group of companies (Quabit) and its effort to promote a culture of risk prevention and management and continuous improvement of its internal control system, the Board of Directors of Quabit approved the Compliance Management System on November 13, 2018, putting into practice effectively and effectively the above-mentioned commitment. By doing so, the Board of Directors has actively sought to strengthen the ethical culture of Quabit and actively promote regulatory compliance.

The Compliance Management System of Quabit is based on the international standard UNE-ISO 19600 Compliance Management Systems and the Spanish standard UNE 19601 Criminal Compliance Management Systems, in order to prevent the commission of crimes and legal infringements. It reinforces the internal control environment, consolidates a compliance culture and expresses our way of working, always aimed at avoiding and minimizing risks, beyond compliance with applicable legislation and internal policies.

All the members of Quabit are provided with an Ethics and Compliance Manual and a Code of Ethics, as well as internal policies and procedures that guide their professional work. Thus, Quabit has in place instruments that clarify responsibilities and demonstrate its firm commitment to strict compliance with the law, helping its professionals to make decisions in accordance with these principles.

The Board of Directors declares to be committed to the existence of periodic training plans that develop and reinforce the ethics and compliance and commits to supervise and review periodically the Compliance Management System to guarantee its effectiveness and permanent updating, with the involvement of all the members of Quabit, and especially the Compliance Officer.

We want to demonstrate, in a clear and explicit way, our involvement, commitment and awareness of our values and principles so that we can be an example and promoters of ethics and compliance for other professionals and for Quabit to be a reference for the sector and the society..


Code of Ethics

In Quabit we aspire to maintain and develop a relationship of trust with our shareholders, customers, employees and any third parties we relate with. The unethical behavior of a single professional can damage our image and can compromise the relationship of trust placed in Quabit. Reputation is an essential intangible that promotes our growth, so we must actively avoid any possibility of reputational damage.

To that end, we have developed this Code of Ethics in Quabit, as the fundamental norm and point of reference for other internal policies. We want it to be a dynamic document shared by all, with behavioral guidelines and hypothetical cases that help us understand what is expected from us in the development of our functions and in the behavior with our colleagues and business partners.


To access the Code of Ethics of Quabit click here: Código Ético


Whistleblowing channel

A Whistleblowing channel is enabled as a way of communication in order to prevent irregularities and give the right response to any compliance doubt, discrepancy or irregularity with the current legislation, internal regulations and business ethics, as well as to collaborate in the monitoring of compliance with the set of rules applicable to Quabit and its employees, managers, members of internal bodies or third parties we interact with.

The Whistleblowing channel is, therefore, a confidential and transparent mean of communication so that all persons related to Quabit, whether they are employees, managers, members of internal bodies or third parties may have an adequate channel to carry out queries and communications of those behaviors that may entail any irregularity or infringement of law, applicable internal rules or ethics, whether committed by people related to Quabit or by any third parties.


To access the Compliance Mailbox click here.

To access the Whistleblowing Management Proceeding click here: Procedimiento de Gestión del Canal