Company Profile

Company Profile

Quabit Inmobiliaria is a Spanish real estate company listed on the Stock Exchange since 2006 with over 25 years experience in the real estate industry.

The company bases its business model on creating value through complete management of the entire real estate cycle. It develops its business activity through two main business channels: land management and real estate development. Quabit Inmobiliaria also operates a wealth management division.

Business areas

Over 25 years’ experience in real estate development and land management

Real Estate Development

Over 6,000 dwelling built and sold during the previous cycle; and more delivered under cooperative management.
2018-2022 Business Plan: 7,200-7,600 units

Our team has considerable experience in residential development focused chiefly on primary residences, both free market and subsidised, but also developments on the coast located at the main Spanish tourist resorts and developments for industrial and logistic use.

Land Management

Over 50 action programs performed

The Quabit team has great experience in this field, which includes the sale of assets, development agent and management of land-adjustment schemes.

Wealth Management

Management of real estate assets and extensive experience with all real estate products (residential, office, commercial, warehouses and hotels).

The company has managed over 1.1 million square metres of buildable space.