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Quabit is currently positioned among the exclusive, reduced list of real estate companies that have persisted during the years of the economic crisis, which has ensured the viability of the company through complex restructuring and refinancing processes:

  • Quabit is one of the few companies focused on real estate development.
  • Expert management team with regard to land acquisition and development and both residential and non-residential development.
  • Direct exposure to the real estate market recovery.
  • Consolidated financial structure and healthy equity situation.
  • Off-balance-sheet drivers: outstanding tax credits and partial debt write-offs.
  • Listed company with high liquidity. Quabit is listed on the Madrid and Valencia Stock Exchanges.
  • Good Corporate Governance: Quality information and market transparency.Company listed with high liquidity.
  • Capacity and experience of over 20 years to grow and become one of the main references in the Spanish real estate industry.
  • More than 20 years’ experience and ability to continue growing and once again becoming one of the main reference points of the real estate sector in Spain.
  • Ability to develop new investments and projects in a scenario marked by the recovery of the real estate industry and an uptick in the Spanish economy.

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