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Electronic shareholders' forum

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Quabit Inmobiliaria, S.A. by virtue of article 539.2 of the Consolidated Text of the Capital Corporation Act, approved by Royal Decree Law 1/2010, of 2 July, authorizes the Electronic Shareholders’ Forum for the exclusive purpose of easing the communication among shareholders derived from the notice and until the General Shareholders’ Meeting.

Once they are registered, Shareholders shall send communications to be published in the Forum, which purpose shall include the following:

  • Proposals presented as a complement to the agenda announced in the Shareholders’ Meeting Notice.
  • Requests to support such proposals.
  • Initiatives to reach a sufficient percentage to exercise the minority right foreseen by law.
  • Voluntary representation offers or requests.

The Forum’s access and use is exclusively reserved to individual shareholders of Quabit Inmobiliaria, S.A., as well as shareholders’ voluntary associations that are validly constituted and registered in the special registry of the National Securities Commission, by virtue of article 539.4 of the Consolidated Text of the Capital Corporation Act and other developing regulation.

In order to access the Forum, it is necessary to become a registered User, and obtain the access password. Once registered, it will be possible to access the Forum.

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