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  • 02/28/2018 The company headed by Félix Abánades to close 2017 with a profit of 14.4 million following debt remissions and recognition of tax credits QUABIT's RESIDENTIAL PORTFOLIO IS UP TO 2,551 DWELLINGS WITH AN EXPECTED TURNOVER OF 536 MILLION
    • The company now has over one million development-ready square metres under management for approximately 7,500 dwellings.
    • Quabit enjoys two major value levers that, between them, offer the potential to generate profits both in 2018 and the coming years: debt remissions pending (44.1 million euros) and tax credits pending recognition (137 million euros).
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Second Six Months 2017 Results

From 31 May to 03 June 2018

Salón  Inmobiliario de Madrid - SIMA - Pabellón 10 - Stand E2-002

Before 06/30/2018

Shareholder´s Meeting 2018


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