Business Plan 2017-2022

Business Plan 2017-2022

Main magnitudes of the Business Plan

Quabit Inmobiliaria has boosted the visibility of its Business Plan 2017-2022 with the acquisition of new land and strict compliance with its pre-sales milestones, launch of new products and developments under construction:

Business Plan 2017-2022.


€1,915 M

Development dwellings

€1,787 M

On portfolio land €502 M
In completed acquisitions €579 M
On land pending acquisitions €706 M

Land sales

€94 M

In portfolio €33 M
Of completed acquisitions €61 M

Development agent

€34 M

Delivery of dwellings

7,888 un.

Of portfolio land 2,145 un.
Of completed acquisitions 2,343 un.
Of investments pending 3,400 un.

Land Investments

673 M€

Developments 2017-2022 €298 M
Subsequent developments €375 M

After-tax profit

€334 M

Operating Cash Flow

€463 M

Of portfolio land €170 M
Of completed acquisitions €143 M
Of new acquisitions €133 M
As development agent €17 M

Dividend payout in cash

87 M€

As from 2022, in excess 25%